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Ranger services is the premier remanufacturer of Whelen Edge Lightbars and the manufacturer of custom, built-to-spec lightbars. Our customers can choose from length, color of lens, LED, strobe, halogen, etc.

We also carry an extensive selection of cutting edge LED products and all LED modules use full 1 watt LED's, unless specifically stated otherwise. We stock the most common colors but special order items arrive in approximately 2 1/2 weeks compared to 12 weeks for other vendors.

Whelen lightbar trade-in's of $100 off a full size bar and $50 of any mini you buy; both include free shipping. This is for any Whelen bar, dead or alive, but complete.

Visit our home page at www.Ranger-Services.com
Videos of many of our products can be viewed at www.youtube.com/rangerservices

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